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What David Miranda’s detention might explain to us about civil liberties

I’m not going to comment on the rights and wrongs of the detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda, though I confess I instinctively think it is wrong that anyone in the UK can be detained for any period of … Continue reading

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Why Prevent is part of building a healthier society

I’ve just read Dean Godson of Policy Exchange‘s excellent summing up of the Prevent programme. I’ve just a few thoughts to add. Our free, democratic society is what makes us better than extremists. We do neither ourselves nor our values … Continue reading

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Conservatism can, and must, seize the opportunity on justice reform

In recent weeks, and again this morning, Ken Clarke has come under sustained political pressure over his proposed reforms to the criminal justice system. The Justice Secretary’s pledge to reduce the UK’s record prison population by 3,000 prisoners by 2014-15, … Continue reading

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Can control orders be justified?

There’s been much discussion recently about control orders. David Cameron used to say they don’t work and should be abolished, but now says they need replacing. Nick Clegg also used to say they should be abolished, but now says they … Continue reading

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Progressive Conservatism – Can It Exist In Prison Reform?

Progressive conservatism, dare I say it, liberal conservatism is facing a difficult philosophical position today – whether criminals who have committed acts directly contravening the law of the land should be able to partake in the democratic process. The conservative … Continue reading

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