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Forget about the vocal minority: this is what popular Conservatism looks like

I live in West London, I have a good job in a big firm, doing work I like, and I’m lucky enough to have been well-educated.  My life has been far easier than most. I’m the kind of person that … Continue reading

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I will survive! But how will I live?

If you were trying to establish the minimum housing space that families require in Britain today, how useful do you think it would be to see how many people you could fit into a red telephone box? This may seem … Continue reading

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What the Queen’s Speech means for modernisers

The next two years are going to be tough for modernisers. The Queen’s Speech was another clear sign that many of the palpable achievements that stem from detoxification are likely to be hushed up rather than championed on the doorstep. … Continue reading

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Don’t hate them – or me

Caitlin Moran has written a fantastically powerful piece in The Times today (which builds on her piece on Saturday). I really do recommend reading both of them – worth the Times‘ subscription cost alone, let alone all the other great … Continue reading

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Conservatism should be compassionate

During David Cameron’s second outing at PMQs as Conservative leader, way back in December 2005, Tony Blair caricatured compassionate conservatism by quipping that “the only difference between compassionate conservatism and conservatism is that under compassionate conservatism they tell you they’re … Continue reading

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