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The moral and national imperative for aid and development

I had been planning on having the summer off and not writing anything here till September, in the hope that the happy progress that was made in the early summer would continue and we would head into the conference season … Continue reading

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So what does actually work?

There has been much back and forth in the last few weeks about manion taxes, reintroduction of the 10p tax rate, capital gains tax and the economy generally. YouGov polled on the introduction of a mansion tax specifically, and found … Continue reading

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Golden Thread: Why there is no contradiction between helping the poorest and our national interest

Last year,┬áJay Ulfelder, a political scientist with a particular interest in “democratization and civil unrest” wrote for Foreign Policy about a method of using statistics to forecast political events and published a list of the top twenty regimes at risk … Continue reading

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Austerity as the new normal

The Financial Times is only one of the papers today highlighting that the current austerity drive will continue beyond the next election. This, surely, is a good thing. One of the reasons that our economy is in such a mess … Continue reading

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What do cheaper passports tell us?

That passports will become cheaper is encouraging, both because it is a reduction in living costs (however paltry) and because there is an explicit link being made between the departmental savings and the reduction in cost. I hope this is … Continue reading

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