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Is it time to resurrect the Invitation to Join the Government of Britain?

As a Scot living in London, I’m so pleased my fellow countrymen chose to keep our Union. But 45% wanted to leave – that’s a big proportion. Despite the emotion of recent weeks, there are also plenty of people in … Continue reading

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Even if it’s a joke, Kelvin MacKenzie’s idea for a southern party is worrying

I hope Kelvin MacKenzie’s call for a ‘Southern Party’ is a joke. If it’s not, and it’s at all indicative of wider centre-right thinking about the future of the UK, we should be nervous: because it’s deeply worrying, utterly wrong, and profoundly … Continue reading

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Could the SNP turn the 2014 Commonwealth games into a pro-independence rally?

In 2 years’ time Glasgow hosts the Commonwealth Games. It’s long been assumed that the SNP will try and use them for their own advantage: the idea being that whipped into a sporting fervour, fair Scotia will head into the … Continue reading

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There’s more to the Constitution than just the government

The reshuffle rumours are beginning to quicken and advice for the Prime Minister is in plentiful supply. There are various voices suggesting reshuffles that would no doubt be compared to nocturnal cutlery of ever increasing proportions. Strangely few people are … Continue reading

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Divided we stand – but only just

The Jubilee weekend was undoubtedly an awe-inspiring event. Across the globe commentators praised The Queen’s steadfastness, poise and compassionate command of the Commonwealth. It was a chance to show off the United Kingdom, to put aside our differences and communally … Continue reading

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