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Futurists, sunshine and making the choice to have control of your sunny future

Ed Conway at Sky has just tweeted this graphic showing just how unusual it is for a pre-election Budget not to be a giveaway one. People largely expected a big rabbit to be plucked from the Chancellor’s hat. But – … Continue reading

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Why the Big Society should feed into our economic future

In an ideal world, it wouldn’t take a crisis to change things and we would always be prepared and able to work things through slowly and deliberately. But – as Winston Churchill apparently said – never let a good crisis … Continue reading

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Should, must, will… Has

The G8 declaration on tax is a model of clear and purposeful language. It is precise about the actions to be taken by all parties, and it demonstrates a proper understanding that private-sector development is what will drive Africa and … Continue reading

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What is Conservative?

There are many bleats and whinges (particularly in the comments below our posts on this blog) about us and indeed the government ‘not being proper Conservatives’. I am enormously bored of taking this discussion back to first principles so start … Continue reading

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Housekeeping away those vested interests

Sadly I doubt it will happen but I think it would be an exceptionally good idea if the next Queen’s Speech were all about housekeeping (even more than this one was). Repeal, tidy up, de-contradict… And for more than just … Continue reading

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