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Why the Big Society should feed into our economic future

In an ideal world, it wouldn’t take a crisis to change things and we would always be prepared and able to work things through slowly and deliberately. But – as Winston Churchill apparently said – never let a good crisis … Continue reading

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Should, must, will… Has

The G8 declaration on tax is a model of clear and purposeful language. It is precise about the actions to be taken by all parties, and it demonstrates a proper understanding that private-sector development is what will drive Africa and … Continue reading

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What is Conservative?

There are many bleats and whinges (particularly in the comments below our posts on this blog) about us and indeed the government ‘not being proper Conservatives’. I am enormously bored of taking this discussion back to first principles so start … Continue reading

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Housekeeping away those vested interests

Sadly I doubt it will happen but I think it would be an exceptionally good idea if the next Queen’s Speech were all about housekeeping (even more than this one was). Repeal, tidy up, de-contradict… And for more than just … Continue reading

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Starbucks, tax, community and business morality

As time goes by this quote from Peter Mandelson becomes more and more pernicious. “(I’m) intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich as long as they pay their taxes” Paying tax is a devolution of responsibility. It has nothing to … Continue reading

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