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Forget about the vocal minority: this is what popular Conservatism looks like

I live in West London, I have a good job in a big firm, doing work I like, and I’m lucky enough to have been well-educated.  My life has been far easier than most. I’m the kind of person that … Continue reading

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If David Cameron has a woman problem, here’s how to fix it

‘I just don’t understand why we keep expecting women to read Conservative policy on page 3 of a newspaper, and assume they will vote for us at the next election.’ I was an over-enthusiastic, under-experienced, starry-eyed press officer during the … Continue reading

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The world is at our door

U.S. Companies Investing in Myanmar Must Show Steps to Respect Human Rights http://t.co/45zAw0rskk. Odd hybrid of gov, business, & activism. — Jay Ulfelder (@jay_ulfelder) July 1, 2013 I’ve mentioned Jay Ulfelder before. He is an American political scientist specialising in … Continue reading

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The choices Thatcher gave us

At the tender age of 34 I’m really a bit too young to remember much of the Margaret Thatcher years. I can certainly recall where I was when she resigned – walking down my primary school corridor, and passing the … Continue reading

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Why leaning in is part of a Conservative equalities agenda

Annoyingly I couldn’t make it to Bright Blue’s discussion yesterday evening on ‘whether the Conservative Party is still the party of the family’ but you can see useful summary tweets @TimForChange – the discussion basically centred around keeping families stable, together, … Continue reading

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