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Which school did you attend?

In my adult life I had never come across this question, until I started hanging around the capital’s political/media types. I had occasionally been asked which University I went to but no-body ever enquired about where I got my GCSEs. … Continue reading

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The decline of working-class MPs?

Who are our MPs? I became interested in the question after I read Dave’s post about Disraeli and his blue-collar Toryism, and wondered how many blue-collar MPs there are. Thanks to the House of Commons Library, it proved easy to plot … Continue reading

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Luke’s World: It doesn’t have to be like this

Luke wants to be a vet. But you’ve heard him. He doesn’t think he’ll make it. He doesn’t know how to make it from where he is. He’s fatalistic – he thinks he’ll probably end up like his sister. There … Continue reading

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Is Miliband’s “British Promise” one to watch?

Ed Miliband spoke at the weekend to the Progress conference. It hardly won critical acclaim: a New Statesman blog called it the ‘worst speech he has ever delivered’ and John Rentoul wasn’t impressed by its ‘cliché-wridden verbiage.’ The speech did have one … Continue reading

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Why everyone should be hoping the Big Society works

In my first blog post on Platform 10, I commented that “[the] Big Society is so very often considered a domestic phenomenon.” This isn’t surprising, given that we have a huge array of domestic problems from a dangerous high level … Continue reading

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