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The ‘paying for content’ decision

The last decade has been golden for those of us who gorge on information.  News, comment, entertainment – thanks to the internet there is a unlimited supply, almost all of which is free. The copious amounts of available distractions allows … Continue reading

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Busting some “technology” myths

Earlier this week I wrote an article for the Kernel Magazine on the technology myths that pervade the political debate. Myth 1: “Technology” can block bad things Website blocking has never successfully prevented those who seek illicit content from accessing … Continue reading

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What would make a good political app?

Politics is a communication business, it is a knowledge business and it’s a contacts business. Politicians are always searching for an edge. No surprise then that politicos tend to dive head first into the latest social media innovation. Facebook, Twitter, … Continue reading

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There will always be money to be made from good content

Frederic Filloux has written an interesting blog for the Guardian on how to make money out of digital news. The way news/entertainment is consumed is evolving in a mass personalised way. Technology has made  sharing easier and tailoring content to … Continue reading

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‘Open Government’ needs an open mindset

While studying history at school – the origins of the Industrial Revolution, the rise and fall of Rome – I used to contemplate what it would be like to live through transformative times. Now I know. The technological revolution has … Continue reading

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