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The pro-European argument against mass migration

Despite the Prime Minister’s best efforts, net migration to the UK rose to 260,000 in the year to June, an increase of 78,000 on the previous year. There is no doubt that EU migrants have had a positive economic impact … Continue reading

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Why didn’t you text, Steve?

I went to Steve Richards’ Rock & Roll Politics show at the Soho Theatre last night, which was pretty fun, assumed a certain knowledge of political figures and facts (which I very much appreciated) and largely didn’t assume bad faith … Continue reading

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Let’s have an open primary in Sheffield Hallam

The Conservative Party has a problem. To win the next election we need to take Lib Dem seats. Of our 40 target seats 19 are held by the coalitionists. The Lib Dems may be collapsing in places where they were … Continue reading

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Can we have a 2020 Vision for Britain?

I hesitate to add to the Boris frenzy but today the Mayor of London launched 2020 Vision, London’s blueprint for the future. It’s a lovely document, nicely put together, and full of interesting snippets about London and its people, and … Continue reading

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How’s the Big Society doing?

Two and a half years on from that ‘Invitation to Join the Government of Britain’, where is the Big Society? The centrepiece of the Conservatives 2010 Manifesto was the Big Society. Except it wasn’t. It was the centrepiece of the … Continue reading

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