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Whose mud is it, and does it matter?

Last week, Tim Montgomerie wrote for the Times about his worry that “The Lib Dem mud is sticking to the Tories”.  I’ve also written about this (the first post I can find is from June 2010 but there have been … Continue reading

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“Stop the world, I want to get off” is not the answer

I rarely overtly criticise other parts of the Conservative Party. We are, after all, a broad church of a party, with much to contribute from all sides. But the latest idea from Conservative Way Forward needs to be tackled head … Continue reading

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I am a Seven Per Center

I was listening to a discussion between some Conservative MPs and a commentator today, and it struck me that what is going on in the Tory party at the moment is very much linked to the need for a little … Continue reading

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The ConHome #Victory2015 conference asks: How do we show that we’re on people’s side?

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/halfon4harlowMP/status/310453221653110787"] I just got home from the ConHome Victory2015 conference. For the first time since 2004, I am not going to the Conservative conference next weekend – which is in itself an interesting indicator of lots of things, though … Continue reading

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People will never vote Tory out of love: and we wouldn’t want them to

The Conservatives failed to hold Eastleigh in a by-election in 1994 after a tragic scandal which only harmed the man involved. The Lib Dems held it in 2013 after their candidate finally admitted to being a criminal. Over the past … Continue reading

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