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Earlier, better, in peace: Why when the White’s decision was made is important

David Cameron’s spokesman has just said that the Prime Minister has given up his membership of White’s (where his late father had been a member and Chairman), in part presumably because of White’s all-male membership. ¬†On one hand, I think … Continue reading

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How to make complaining purposeful

I had a lovely meeting yesterday with someone I hadn’t met before. We were having a general chat about campaigning and actions and outcomes, and agreed that so often, people feel that liking something on Facebook or retweeting something is … Continue reading

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Saying what you mean, meaning what you say

One of the things I always liked about David Cameron from the word go was that he said what he meant, and meant what he said (I think he even said that in a press conference reply to… Martha Kearney, … Continue reading

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Hyperactive purpose

George Bridges* has written a very sensible article in the Telegraph this morning about – basically – the need for strategic communications rather than hyperactive ‘something must be done’ reaction. He is right in almost every way, of course: focusing … Continue reading

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Lessons from America, part 2: Positive, negative, narrative

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/SamuelCoates/status/266070538349314048″] Sam’s tweet and this article from Lord Ashcroft point to two useful conclusions we should take notice of about campaigning. The first is that people¬†want to be positive – they want to have hope, and they are receptive … Continue reading

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