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Understanding attitudes is even more important than demographics

I have loved reading all the technical stuff about the Obama campaign’s databases; my favourite stat is that they polled 30,000 people A DAY for a YEAR in OHIO ALONE. Quite extraordinary. I will dig out some of the links … Continue reading

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Show them the real ‘nasty’ party

It was incredible to read yesterday morning of a ComRes poll which puts the Labour lead at only 3%. The political tailwind behind Labour (austerity, recession, Coalition, rebellion, omnishambles and the rest) is still howling but this data suggests a Labour leader … Continue reading

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Does David Cameron have a problem with women?

On Tuesday night, I noted on Twitter the leak of the No10 policy unit document suggesting new policies, focus and communications efforts on ‘women’. Most of the things discussed seem perfectly sensible areas for discussion (apart from the thought that … Continue reading

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