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Move over Big 6, we need the Big 60,000: Why Conservatives are the natural partner of community energy

As we approach conference season, with the cost of living at the top of the political agenda and green policies under attack for their cost, energy policy is guaranteed to stay in the political spot light. Although there is a … Continue reading

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Yet another government “digital strategy” – are they insane, foolish or timid?

At the beginning of November we were treated to the publication of yet another government digital strategy in which it is claimed that there are savings of £1.7 billion to be had by moving public transactions online.  There is little here … Continue reading

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Knowledge is porridge

Ben Gummer‘s Ten Minute Rule Bill (to be introduced tomorrow) builds on something we suggested years ago. Well, two things, in fact. Firstly, that a sensible discussion about the size and scope of the state must start from a clear … Continue reading

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‘Open Government’ needs an open mindset

While studying history at school – the origins of the Industrial Revolution, the rise and fall of Rome – I used to contemplate what it would be like to live through transformative times. Now I know. The technological revolution has … Continue reading

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Stopping the next scandal: Hackgate shows the benefit of transparency

Like most people I was shocked to discover that Sir Paul Stephenson had dinner with News International Executives during the first phone hacking scandal. I was also surprised to learn that Andy Coulson had been invited to Chequers a couple … Continue reading

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