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Differentiation strategy x2. Legislation has stopped, electioneering begins.

What connects David Cameron’s speech on welfare with the leak of Michael Gove’s O’level plans? Neither was a government announcement but instead a Conservative Party positioning statement. The fallout from the bitty budget was followed by much analysis of how … Continue reading

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Arming the troops – we neglect the activist base at our peril

Today sees the 20th anniversary since the Conservatives last won a majority in a General Election. This is a stark reminder that even the most successful and longest standing political party in human history cannot rest on its laurels. Commentators … Continue reading

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“Cash for access” emanates from the narrow donor base

The problem with political funding is that those involved try to avoid the question: “What is being sold and what are people buying?” Peter Cruddas was selling, and selling is different from fundraising. When fundraising you collect money from philanthropic … Continue reading

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Whips in the middle

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of stories about over-enthusiastic whipping.  Around three months ago I was talking to a back bench Conservative MP about what life was like being in a coalition*. Though the MP … Continue reading

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Picking a crowd for crowd-sourcing

A while ago, I listened to a debate on Radio 4 about crowd-sourcing which turned out to be considerably less interesting than I had hoped. But I’ve been trying to make some conclusions for ages, because it’s a central part … Continue reading

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