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Let’s make the first £10,000 you earn tax-free

Prices are rocketing. Wages are falling. We need tax cuts NOW for millions of ordinary working people to get our economy moving. That is the message of the new grassroots campaign Right Angle – which you can support by clicking … Continue reading

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Stopping the knee-jerk defence of the rich

I hate the word phrase “wealth creators”. It seems to come from the Republican Party in America which has created this myth of the “wealth creator”. In this myth, the rich constantly think about improving their businesses, investing in worthwhile … Continue reading

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Opportunity, Reciprocity and Responsibility: Refashioning British Morality

The events of the last week will shift the axis on which our country pivots, but in what way? David Cameron has strongly stated that the riots highlighted a cultural problem. Peter Oborne’s bombastic article uses the Credit Crunch and … Continue reading

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Why today’s GAVI conference must succeed

I had dinner a couple of weeks ago with a political scientist – we were discussing my plans for the summer which include going on Project Umubano, the Conservatives’ Social Action project in Rwanda and Sierra Leone. Despite his wide … Continue reading

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Is it time to disestablish the Church of England?

My answer would be “No”, but I think it’s time to have the debate. Prince Charles intends to be the “Defender of Faith” when he becomes King, rather than the “Defender of the Faith”. David Cameron wants to change the … Continue reading

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