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Conference needs to value Conservative Party members

I have just booked my pass for the Conservative Party conference. Last year there was some controversy around how few real-life members attended, with the majority of events being run and packed out with public affairs professionals. I remember one … Continue reading

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Should Tommy Sheridan be put on a control order?

Tommy Sheridan is a source of great entertainment to many. He has just been imprisoned for three years for perjury, after defending himself in yet another trial. I’m not going into the rights and wrongs of the case, nor whether … Continue reading

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The economy is entering turbulent waters but we need to recognise that there is no easy fix

Ouch. It is hard not to look at the ONS preliminary data on GDP and think of anything else. A 0.5% contraction was way off what most analysts expected it to be. There is gloom and doom in the air … Continue reading

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Transparency for Aid: Proving that international development matters

Andrew Mitchell is one of my favourite Secretaries of State. He has verve, passion and a real knowledge of his job. While most would love to be in his position, with a rising budget to do good, he does have … Continue reading

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Open source government needs open-minded procurement

Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude declares the era of “Major IT Projects” over. Few will disagree with his observation that the Government has provided “easy margins” for the incumbent IT giants, in fact most will go further and … Continue reading

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