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We. We. We.

Yesterday’s Budget was pretty smart in many ways, focusing squarely on those who do the right thing, work hard and take responsibility for themselves. Yet that serious, focused, sober effort has been diluted by this: Which is just weird. It’s … Continue reading

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A quick guide to Conservative modernisation

 There seems to be some confusion around what Conservative modernisation is, so I thought I’d write a quick guide.    Since Nick Boles’ Bright Blue speech much as been written about the future of Conservatism.  Some of it excellent (such as this from … Continue reading

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Nick Boles asks the right questions, but a National Liberal Party is not the right answer

It is good to see Government Ministers occasionally put aside the day job and focus on the bigger political picture. The criticism directed at Theresa May after she gave the key note speech at the Conservative Home Conference was unfair. … Continue reading

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The Boundary Changes Were A Crutch For The Tories. Now They HAVE To Broaden Their Appeal

The boundary changes are officially dead, being defeated by a pretty substantial House of Commons majority. With that, many commentators would have you believe, goes the chances of a Tory majority in 2015.  Tory supporters on Twitter and in the … Continue reading

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5 things the Tories need to do to win the moral high ground on welfare

Fraser Nelson’s column this morning looked at the Tories’ moral mission in Government, arguing Cameron should emphasise reforms that save lives, not just money. It’s a great article, but I think we need to temper it a bit – especially … Continue reading

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