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Whose mud is it, and does it matter?

Last week, Tim Montgomerie wrote for the Times about his worry that “The Lib Dem mud is sticking to the Tories”.  I’ve also written about this (the first post I can find is from June 2010 but there have been … Continue reading

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Earlier, better, in peace: Why when the White’s decision was made is important

David Cameron’s spokesman has just said that the Prime Minister has given up his membership of White’s (where his late father had been a member and Chairman), in part presumably because of White’s all-male membership.  On one hand, I think … Continue reading

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Forty from the Forty

What do Amber Rudd, Mark Spencer and Mary Macleod have in common?  They are all members of The Forty, the group of the most marginal Conservative-held seats, with constituencies as diverse as Carlisle in the North West, Hastings and Rye … Continue reading

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Trust consumers to build confidence in banking

In too many areas of British life, there has been a breakdown of trust. Banking is the biggest casualty. But the Banking Reform Bill, which received its third reading in the Commons this week, offers hope that trust can be … Continue reading

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How to make complaining purposeful

I had a lovely meeting yesterday with someone I hadn’t met before. We were having a general chat about campaigning and actions and outcomes, and agreed that so often, people feel that liking something on Facebook or retweeting something is … Continue reading

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