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What is Conservative?

There are many bleats and whinges (particularly in the comments below our posts on this blog) about us and indeed the government ‘not being proper Conservatives’. I am enormously bored of taking this discussion back to first principles so start … Continue reading

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Politics and Digital: Can do better

When I got home last night there was a letter waiting for me from my Council. Would I like to vote in local referendum on Heathrow Expansion? Why not. Offer the politico a polling booth and he will vote.  Would … Continue reading

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Big Society in Swedish: stora samhället

I have a great fondness for empty, snowy mountains, and a deep keenness to go and see the Northern Lights for myself. I’ve become properly hooked on Scandinavian dramas (Borgen is the least of it – The Killing, The Bridge, … Continue reading

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50 word manifestos

Once again, Martin Lewis’ site MoneySavingExpert is running the annual ‘50 word manifesto‘ to encourage people to submit ideas “about little sensible changes that are more easy to implement, to improve the way Government works for consumers or better regulates … Continue reading

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Our Aspiration Nation: An Opportunity Society

“I’m not here to defend privilege, I’m here to spread it”: so David Cameron confidently declared at this year’s Conservative Party Conference.  The Prime Minister spoke passionately about creating an “aspiration nation”, not for the better-off but for the “want-to-be-better-off, … Continue reading

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