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National identity and new voters

A quick Google shows that Andrew Cooper has presented this ‘new’ polling on the Tories’ problems with ethnic minority voters a few times already. We all know the figures, as expertly laid out by Rachel Sylvester in today’s Times – … Continue reading

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Inequality or moral breakdown?

Effectively, the analysis of the riot is starting to fall into these two camps. It is either because they don’t have enough HD TVs, or too many. It is either because they had too much money from benefits, or not … Continue reading

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“Ignore the rule-book”? No – because those rules are the ones we should all live by

This morning’s Telegraph splash says that “Magistrates have been told they can ignore sentencing guidelines and hand down more draconian penalties to rioters and looters”. While I completely understand the desire for sharp lessons, prison sentences should not be based … Continue reading

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Why Prevent is part of building a healthier society

I’ve just read Dean Godson of Policy Exchange‘s excellent summing up of the Prevent programme. I’ve just a few thoughts to add. Our free, democratic society is what makes us better than extremists. We do neither ourselves nor our values … Continue reading

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Why we should – must – keep talking about the Big Society

People laugh at David Cameron for his focus on the Big Society. They think he’s deluded to think that we can consciously make our surroundings better by getting involved. But that is what all politics is about. However, by constantly … Continue reading

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