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Why wait till it becomes a problem?

It made me giggle during the Labour leadership campaign that Ed Miliband’s offices were in the exact same building as the Cameron Campaign’s had been. Then he launched a bunch of policy groups to look at areas of policy rather … Continue reading

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Unite against the vested interests

Like Robert Halfon, Max Wind-Cowie, David Skelton – and many, many other Conservatives – I think unions are fundamentally a good thing. They can be very Conservative – they stand up for the little guy, they hold the powerful to … Continue reading

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What is Conservative?

There are many bleats and whinges (particularly in the comments below our posts on this blog) about us and indeed the government ‘not being proper Conservatives’. I am enormously bored of taking this discussion back to first principles so start … Continue reading

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Dear Labour, Please Ignore Tony Blair

It always surprises me when I’m exposed to a Left-winger’s view on Tony Blair. It ranges from begrudging respect for his sales skills to outright hostility to how New Labour governed. Why the hostility? Blair lead Labour to three victories. … Continue reading

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The real lesson of Ed Miliband’s speech is how much more Labour wants to win

I was at lunch during Ed’s speech so “followed” it on Twitter, and clearly it was going rather well – not just Labour loyalists but also hacks were being very positive. Tim Montgomerie pointed out that Twitter had declared a … Continue reading

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