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The possibility of reality must match the rhetoric

The Guardian this morning is running an ‘exclusive’ about the Ministry of Defence asking the Department for International Development for contributions to the cost of delivering overseas development assistance via the military (things like transporting DfID and NGO staff and … Continue reading

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“Stop the world, I want to get off” is not the answer

I rarely overtly criticise other parts of the Conservative Party. We are, after all, a broad church of a party, with much to contribute from all sides. But the latest idea from Conservative Way Forward needs to be tackled head … Continue reading

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Iris, teal, cornflower, baby, oxford, french, periwinkle, steel, denim, palatinate, sky, true…

Another group has launched within the Conservative Party to argue for blue collar conservatism (usefully, it’s called Blue Collar Conservatives). So far in the last few years, we’ve seen 2020 Conservatives, the 301, the 40, Fresh Start, Free Enterprise, Conservative … Continue reading

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George Osborne is right – but can he deliver the argument more widely?

Stephan Shakespeare, Tim Montgomerie and Nick Denys have all written essential posts this week. They are all, in their own way, expressions of things we have been saying here endlessly – so what do they mean? The most striking thing … Continue reading

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Lay off the Lady…

The traditional mid-term jitters of a governing party – lived out through the high-drama and low-politics of local elections – appear to be focusing on our co-Chair, Baroness Warsi.  For months now there has been a steady stream of critical … Continue reading

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