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Broaden and widen in order to deepen

James Bethell wrote an excellent piece on Monday about the practicalities of negative campaigning; I do think his four essential points apply more widely than just to UKIP. They are: Timing Vehicle of your message Carrier of your message Substance of your … Continue reading

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Conservatives should support as much state as is necessary, but always hope for as little as is possible

David Brooks is on fire at the moment. He is the best communicator of the Conservative soul. “If I were given a few minutes with the Republican billionaires, I’d say: spend less money on marketing and more on product development. … Continue reading

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This is a pivotal week for Conservative backbenchers

It’s no secret that the Conservative back benches haven’t always been full of praise for David Cameron. He has struggled to hold together a party split between traditional, right-wing factions and more progressive, liberal members, many of whom entered the … Continue reading

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