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The Big Society: Back, and more meaningful than ever!

Regular readers will know I am possibly the world’s biggest fan of the (real) concept behind the Big Society, and also that I have always been a bit disappointed that 1) it was allowed to become portrayed as just being … Continue reading

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Why trusting people means more than just a referendum

Over the weekend, I kept hearing Conservatives saying, Labour will do anything for the working class except trust them in a referendum (or similar), I suspect largely based on Fraser Nelson’s very good piece in the Telegraph on Friday. The … Continue reading

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How’s the Big Society doing?

Two and a half years on from that ‘Invitation to Join the Government of Britain’, where is the Big Society? The centrepiece of the Conservatives 2010 Manifesto was the Big Society. Except it wasn’t. It was the centrepiece of the … Continue reading

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How to be happy: marry, get a good job, buy a house. Who knew?

Today the ONS released statistics from its project to measure ‘National Wellbeing.’ Future historians are going to have fun with this archive: the narrative of the early 21st century will be peppered with statistics about what makes us feel satisfied with our lot. … Continue reading

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A mixed market triumph for public service provision

This week, private company Circle Healthcare won a 10 year contract worth £10bn to run the financially troubled Hichingbrooke hospital in Huntington, Cambridgeshire. Plenty of individual NHS services are already delivered by independent providers but this is the first time … Continue reading

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