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Whose mud is it, and does it matter?

Last week, Tim Montgomerie wrote for the Times about his worry that “The Lib Dem mud is sticking to the Tories”.  I’ve also written about this (the first post I can find is from June 2010 but there have been … Continue reading

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Hyperactive purpose

George Bridges* has written a very sensible article in the Telegraph this morning about – basically – the need for strategic communications rather than hyperactive ‘something must be done’ reaction. He is right in almost every way, of course: focusing … Continue reading

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Change to win v2.0

Nine years ago today, Michael Howard, who had then been leader of the Conservative Party for about two months, published in the Times a statement of beliefs, called ‘I Believe’. There are a number of areas missing from this statement … Continue reading

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Austerity as the new normal

The Financial Times is only one of the papers today highlighting that the current austerity drive will continue beyond the next election. This, surely, is a good thing. One of the reasons that our economy is in such a mess … Continue reading

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Doing something about the politics

I said yesterday that I’d return to the ever-thorny question of what the government can do to recover itself. First of all I recommend reading Janan Ganesh’s excellent article in Tuesday’s FT. It’s titled, ‘Cameron needs to rediscover his instincts’ … Continue reading

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