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Complicated theories that make things simpler

In Opposition, both David Cameron and Ed Miliband set up policy review groups as an effective way to mark a break with what went before and to engage NGOs and experts into their big tent to generate new ideas. But because these … Continue reading

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Stop dancing to Ukip’s tune, Mr Cameron

In marketing, one of the keys to success is brand ‘differentiation’. The same applies to political parties. I see no value in the Conservative Party becoming Ukip-lite. Lurching to the right will alienate the party’s moderates, and render a Commons … Continue reading

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Cameron’s Darwinian message – “You’ve never had it so competitive”

I have noticed something interesting. David Cameron has recently used three set-piece speeches to try to set the environment within which “choice 2015″ will be made.  The first part of the argument is to show that he understands that the … Continue reading

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Alan Duncan restores my sense of optimism

I went last week to one of those slightly random events where you don’t know anyone and you’ve been invited because you’re ‘interesting’. It turned out to be great fun, lots of people of relevance, and most importantly a renewer of … Continue reading

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Building the Opportunity Society: The Davos Perspective

The theme for this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting, held last week in Davos, was “The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models”. Over five days, the 2,600 delegates – top politicians, and senior leaders from business, finance, academia, media … Continue reading

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