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Forget about the vocal minority: this is what popular Conservatism looks like

I live in West London, I have a good job in a big firm, doing work I like, and I’m lucky enough to have been well-educated.  My life has been far easier than most. I’m the kind of person that … Continue reading

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David Cameron’s make or break moment

The photos of David Cameron in Libya last week are pure political gold dust. They are the images politicians dream of. The shots of Cameron being cheered and applauded were not just shown in the UK but broadcast around the … Continue reading

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Cameron must show leadership

Parliament returns today from the Easter recess, but for many politicians it has not been a relaxing time. Many have been campaigning for not just local elections, but for the Alternative Vote referendum as well. This has meant the more … Continue reading

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Cameron should be watching Obama

David Cameron, Barak Obama. The United Kingdom, the United States of America. Conservatives, Democrats. Samantha, Michelle. The parallels between David Cameron and Barack Obama are often unseen. Too much of the time, people focus on the differences rather than the … Continue reading

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Why everyone should be hoping the Big Society works

In my first blog post on Platform 10, I commented that “[the] Big Society is so very often considered a domestic phenomenon.” This isn’t surprising, given that we have a huge array of domestic problems from a dangerous high level … Continue reading

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