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What really matters?

The front page story of the Telegraph on Saturday had an extraordinary snippet: Frank Luntz, an American polling expert, visited Downing Street and addressed a group of advisers. The friend said: “The pollster asked them what kept them awake at … Continue reading

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Haribo and Nespresso or hard work and persuasion?

David Cameron’s big speech on Europe last month was the culmination of months (actually probably years) of calculation and work. The speech itself was not the point, nor indeed was the policy of a referendum following a Conservative win in … Continue reading

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Why trusting people means more than just a referendum

Over the weekend, I kept hearing Conservatives saying, Labour will do anything for the working class except trust them in a referendum (or similar), I suspect largely based on Fraser Nelson’s very good piece in the Telegraph on Friday. The … Continue reading

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Full-spectrum Conservatism

I must confess to finding the whole EU debate rather esoteric and often a bit pointless. By far the most important piece of information we’ve had today – electoral or otherwise – is the encouraging jobs numbers. For the record, … Continue reading

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Democracy and the EU: How should they be related?

I spent part of last week in Brussels, pondering variously legitimacy, legislation, accountability and The Project itself. One overall theme stands out in each of these areas: namely, that no-one seems to quite know what to do. I’m only going … Continue reading

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