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Ed Miliband’s latest Conservative idea

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/PlatformTen/status/253407429616889856″] Here is the thing about Ed Miliband’s conference speech. It was indeed well-delivered (though now he’s done it once the pressure to continue at that level will be intense). More importantly, there was a lot of stuff in … Continue reading

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The real lesson of Ed Miliband’s speech is how much more Labour wants to win

I was at lunch during Ed’s speech so “followed” it on Twitter, and clearly it was going rather well – not just Labour loyalists but also hacks were being very positive. Tim Montgomerie pointed out that Twitter had declared a … Continue reading

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We deserve a banking inquiry, we can benefit from a banking inquiry

  Ed Miliband talked about it. The Tax Payers Alliance support it. There needs to be a public inquiry into the relationship between the Financial industry and British society.   When the credit crunch happened those in power decided that … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband is onto something about political parties

Ed Miliband’s speech to the Progress Conference is worth closer consideration. He seems to get that the story of the local elections was that the majority of peoples’ rejected democracy as being able to improve their lives. “In the old … Continue reading

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How Ed Miliband could build on his Conservative idea

The more I read about this welfare cap, the crosser I get. Not because it will take money away from anyone – far from it, frankly; more because it will still give people who don’t work over three times the … Continue reading

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