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Unite against the vested interests

Like Robert Halfon, Max Wind-Cowie, David Skelton – and many, many other Conservatives – I think unions are fundamentally a good thing. They can be very Conservative – they stand up for the little guy, they hold the powerful to … Continue reading

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How should the Conservatives use David Cameron?

James Forsyth’s column in this week’s Spectator is annoyingly rather similar to something I have been pondering for a while. He argues that all the indications are that the Conservatives will be using David Cameron as the figurehead for the … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s latest Conservative idea

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/PlatformTen/status/253407429616889856″] Here is the thing about Ed Miliband’s conference speech. It was indeed well-delivered (though now he’s done it once the pressure to continue at that level will be intense). More importantly, there was a lot of stuff in … Continue reading

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The real lesson of Ed Miliband’s speech is how much more Labour wants to win

I was at lunch during Ed’s speech so “followed” it on Twitter, and clearly it was going rather well – not just Labour loyalists but also hacks were being very positive. Tim Montgomerie pointed out that Twitter had declared a … Continue reading

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We deserve a banking inquiry, we can benefit from a banking inquiry

  Ed Miliband talked about it. The Tax Payers Alliance support it. There needs to be a public inquiry into the relationship between the Financial industry and British society.   When the credit crunch happened those in power decided that … Continue reading

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