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Futurists, sunshine and making the choice to have control of your sunny future

Ed Conway at Sky has just tweeted this graphic showing just how unusual it is for a pre-election Budget not to be a giveaway one. People largely expected a big rabbit to be plucked from the Chancellor’s hat. But – … Continue reading

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What is Conservative?

There are many bleats and whinges (particularly in the comments below our posts on this blog) about us and indeed the government ‘not being proper Conservatives’. I am enormously bored of taking this discussion back to first principles so start … Continue reading

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What really matters?

The front page story of the Telegraph on Saturday had an extraordinary snippet: Frank Luntz, an American polling expert, visited Downing Street and addressed a group of advisers. The friend said: “The pollster asked them what kept them awake at … Continue reading

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50 word manifestos

Once again, Martin Lewis’ site MoneySavingExpert is running the annual ‘50 word manifesto‘ to encourage people to submit ideas “about little sensible changes that are more easy to implement, to improve the way Government works for consumers or better regulates … Continue reading

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Austerity as the new normal

The Financial Times is only one of the papers today highlighting that the current austerity drive will continue beyond the next election. This, surely, is a good thing. One of the reasons that our economy is in such a mess … Continue reading

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