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The moral and national imperative for aid and development

I had been planning on having the summer off and not writing anything here till September, in the hope that the happy progress that was made in the early summer would continue and we would head into the conference season … Continue reading

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Can we have a 2020 Vision for Britain?

I hesitate to add to the Boris frenzy but today the Mayor of London launched 2020 Vision, London’s blueprint for the future. It’s a lovely document, nicely put together, and full of interesting snippets about London and its people, and … Continue reading

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“Seriously, what’s the point?”

Tory MP on Feldman: "It doesn't matter whether he said it or not". Cameron must sit there and think, "Seriously. What's the point". — Dan Hodges (@DPJHodges) May 20, 2013 At the risk of overdoing the political-ness of the events … Continue reading

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Cutting the cost of living: simplifying energy tariffs

Last autumn the Prime Minister promised to take action to cut through the bewildering number of energy tariffs that we were left with by the last Labour Government and to put every consumer on the cheapest tariff available to them. … Continue reading

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Creative politics: why big bold leaps are necessary

This whole Europe debate generally bores me senseless. I find it hard to get worked up about the substance of it but the way that all sides behave over it disappoints me. David Cameron has always known that a) Europe … Continue reading

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