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So why did everyone think the Conservatives wouldn’t win?

Setting aside the polls for now (though something clearly went very badly wrong when YouGov’s non-exit poll asking people how they had voted had us on 284 seats), why, when the Conservatives were ahead on the economy, ahead on leadership and … Continue reading

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(Only) Three Reasons to Vote Conservative

The polls say the election’s outcome is up in the air, but one thing is clear – the Tories are close to polling better than the 36.1% share of the vote won in 2010. No mean feat given the perils … Continue reading

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Actions, consequences and macro-micro campaigning

As you might imagine I thought David Cameron’s speech this week was great. It was big, ambitious, and built (the beginnings of) a narrative about why it’s worth choosing to vote Conservative. It set out very explicitly the need for … Continue reading

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Why wait till it becomes a problem?

It made me giggle during the Labour leadership campaign that Ed Miliband’s offices were in the exact same building as the Cameron Campaign’s had been. Then he launched a bunch of policy groups to look at areas of policy rather … Continue reading

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Creative politics: why big bold leaps are necessary

This whole Europe debate generally bores me senseless. I find it hard to get worked up about the substance of it but the way that all sides behave over it disappoints me. David Cameron has always known that a) Europe … Continue reading

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