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Actions, consequences and macro-micro campaigning

As you might imagine I thought David Cameron’s speech this week was great. It was big, ambitious, and built (the beginnings of) a narrative about why it’s worth choosing to vote Conservative. It set out very explicitly the need for … Continue reading

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Nick’s Podcast #CPC13 – Wednesday – Modernisers become mainstream

Today is the last day of the Conservative Party Conference. It is also the last “Nick’s Fringe” podcast. Conference this year has been good, and for this I would like to thank Ed Miliband. His partisan speech has focused delegate’s … Continue reading

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Nick’s Fringe Podcast #CPC13 – Tuesday – How to win in all communities

I knew that we hadn’t won the 2010 election when, at 5am, the result for Hammersmith came through. At the last election only 16% of BME people voted for a Conservative candidate. This poor performance stopped us from getting a … Continue reading

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Nick’s Fringe Podcast #CPC13 – Monday Edition – The cost of living question

Today’s podcast looks at how the Conservatives can win the next election. Ed Miliband’s speech seems to have focused Conservative minds onto what needs to be done to win the next election. All big political parties are, to use a … Continue reading

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One narrative, for one nation

Yesterday, David Cameron gave us what many have said was missing: a narrative. A powerful, principled, personal and passionate narrative – not complicated, but compelling. It was the clearest declaration of his values we have heard. For those of us who have followed … Continue reading

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