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Move over Big 6, we need the Big 60,000: Why Conservatives are the natural partner of community energy

As we approach conference season, with the cost of living at the top of the political agenda and green policies under attack for their cost, energy policy is guaranteed to stay in the political spot light. Although there is a … Continue reading

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Lessons for Conservatives from community organising

Back in 2008 Barack Obama made community organising famous, although that didn’t help anybody understand what it was. First of all the bad news: it’s definitely left-wing. The community organising approach does however have important lessons for political campaigning more … Continue reading

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How’s the Big Society doing?

Two and a half years on from that ‘Invitation to Join the Government of Britain’, where is the Big Society? The centrepiece of the Conservatives 2010 Manifesto was the Big Society. Except it wasn’t. It was the centrepiece of the … Continue reading

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Even if it’s a joke, Kelvin MacKenzie’s idea for a southern party is worrying

I hope Kelvin MacKenzie’s call for a ‘Southern Party’ is a joke. If it’s not, and it’s at all indicative of wider centre-right thinking about the future of the UK, we should be nervous: because it’s deeply worrying, utterly wrong, and profoundly … Continue reading

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Are the Lib Dems missing a trick?

Good narratives are emerging from those at the periphery, but has Nick Clegg taken heed? If there’s one thing I’ve taken from the LibDem conference this year, it’s that there is hope for truly radical policy-making within the party – … Continue reading

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