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The Big Society: Back, and more meaningful than ever!

Regular readers will know I am possibly the world’s biggest fan of the (real) concept behind the Big Society, and also that I have always been a bit disappointed that 1) it was allowed to become portrayed as just being … Continue reading

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In praise of red tape

Two small stories made the news last month. The first was a report by Ipsos MORI for the Royal Institute of British Architects, which found that many of the UK’s new-build homes are poorly designed, with chaotic living spaces for … Continue reading

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Local communities can help eradicate the international slave trade

The discovery a few weeks ago of 24 slaves on a caravan site in Leighton Buzzard may have hit the front pages but, for most of us, the trafficking of men, women and children into our communities is something of … Continue reading

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How should the government promote its message?

I tweeted this morning about the possibility (sadly denied) of a new external relations unit in No10. There is apparently some sort of new department which will look after ‘partnerships’ instead. While I’m not wholly clear what the difference is, … Continue reading

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“Ignore the rule-book”? No – because those rules are the ones we should all live by

This morning’s Telegraph splash says that “Magistrates have been told they can ignore sentencing guidelines and hand down more draconian penalties to rioters and looters”. While I completely understand the desire for sharp lessons, prison sentences should not be based … Continue reading

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