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If David Cameron has a woman problem, here’s how to fix it

‘I just don’t understand why we keep expecting women to read Conservative policy on page 3 of a newspaper, and assume they will vote for us at the next election.’ I was an over-enthusiastic, under-experienced, starry-eyed press officer during the … Continue reading

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Can we have a 2020 Vision for Britain?

I hesitate to add to the Boris frenzy but today the Mayor of London launched 2020 Vision, London’s blueprint for the future. It’s a lovely document, nicely put together, and full of interesting snippets about London and its people, and … Continue reading

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What the Queen’s Speech means for modernisers

The next two years are going to be tough for modernisers. The Queen’s Speech was another clear sign that many of the palpable achievements that stem from detoxification are likely to be hushed up rather than championed on the doorstep. … Continue reading

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Ronseal Politics: The macro needs to be connected to the micro

An old criticism of Gordon Brown was that while he knew what price a barrel of oil was being traded at he was unaware of the price of petrol at the pump. The implication being, while Brown was economically intelligent … Continue reading

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I am a Seven Per Center

I was listening to a discussion between some Conservative MPs and a commentator today, and it struck me that what is going on in the Tory party at the moment is very much linked to the need for a little … Continue reading

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