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Stop talking like an accountant

There has been one phrase that the No10 spinners have been trying to sprinkle into the narrative. To quote David Cameron: “People want to know that we’re not just a bunch of accountants trying to turn around the British economy…” … Continue reading

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The Government’s Localism Conviction

Jobs, growth, decentralisation and strong local governance go hand in hand.  A pile of Cabinet Ministers, unlike the Prime Minister, decided against a diary day to campaign in favour of Mayors,  and that is because the campaign for growth was … Continue reading

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The one thing I’d say

I thought I’d follow up on Nick’s post about Neil O’Brien’s important piece in the FT – because this is about who wins next time, and how to do it, and it’s absolutely essential that the government – more importantly … Continue reading

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It’s not enough to rely on blaming Labour

Every so often, I get a press release from CCHQ. You might think that, knowing our approach, they would want to tell us about the great things they’re doing – but no. They are all about why Labour is wrong. … Continue reading

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Coalition is a hedge

This theory was put to me last night after Policy Exchange’s excellent Francis Maude lecture. Here’s what it means – voters were unsure about us, they were unsure about what’s going on, they were unsure about the future. No-one was … Continue reading

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