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Why didn’t you text, Steve?

I went to Steve Richards’ Rock & Roll Politics show at the Soho Theatre last night, which was pretty fun, assumed a certain knowledge of political figures and facts (which I very much appreciated) and largely didn’t assume bad faith … Continue reading

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“Seriously, what’s the point?”

Tory MP on Feldman: "It doesn't matter whether he said it or not". Cameron must sit there and think, "Seriously. What's the point". — Dan Hodges (@DPJHodges) May 20, 2013 At the risk of overdoing the political-ness of the events … Continue reading

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Broaden and widen in order to deepen

James Bethell wrote an excellent piece on Monday about the practicalities of negative campaigning; I do think his four essential points apply more widely than just to UKIP. They are: Timing Vehicle of your message Carrier of your message Substance of your … Continue reading

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Don’t hate them – or me

Caitlin Moran has written a fantastically powerful piece in The Times today (which builds on her piece on Saturday). I really do recommend reading both of them – worth the Times‘ subscription cost alone, let alone all the other great … Continue reading

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Why leaning in is part of a Conservative equalities agenda

Annoyingly I couldn’t make it to Bright Blue’s discussion yesterday evening on ‘whether the Conservative Party is still the party of the family’ but you can see useful summary tweets @TimForChange – the discussion basically centred around keeping families stable, together, … Continue reading

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