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(Only) Three Reasons to Vote Conservative

The polls say the election’s outcome is up in the air, but one thing is clear – the Tories are close to polling better than the 36.1% share of the vote won in 2010. No mean feat given the perils … Continue reading

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Don’t you think it’s up to us whether there’s another coalition?

The front page of yesterday’s Telegraph splashed that David Cameron had said there would not be another coalition after the next election. The article actually said, that the Telegraph “has learnt” that the Prime Minister “wants to make a commitment” … Continue reading

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It would be wrong for East Coast trains to remain nationalised

Today a campaign was launched to keep East Coast trains in public ownership. They’re arguing it’s one of the most efficient operators in the UK. It’s true, but they’re wrong about the reason: it’s not because it’s owned by the … Continue reading

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The choices Thatcher gave us

At the tender age of 34 I’m really a bit too young to remember much of the Margaret Thatcher years. I can certainly recall where I was when she resigned – walking down my primary school corridor, and passing the … Continue reading

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From binary black and white to varied and multi-coloured

    I haven’t posted anything yet about the death of Baroness Thatcher because there has been so much coverage and so much said that I didn’t feel I had anything to add. It – hopefully – goes without saying … Continue reading

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