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We. We. We.

Yesterday’s Budget was pretty smart in many ways, focusing squarely on those who do the right thing, work hard and take responsibility for themselves. Yet that serious, focused, sober effort has been diluted by this: Which is just weird. It’s … Continue reading

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If David Cameron has a woman problem, here’s how to fix it

‘I just don’t understand why we keep expecting women to read Conservative policy on page 3 of a newspaper, and assume they will vote for us at the next election.’ I was an over-enthusiastic, under-experienced, starry-eyed press officer during the … Continue reading

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Actions, consequences and macro-micro campaigning

As you might imagine I thought David Cameron’s speech this week was great. It was big, ambitious, and built (the beginnings of) a narrative about why it’s worth choosing to vote Conservative. It set out very explicitly the need for … Continue reading

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Forty from the Forty

What do Amber Rudd, Mark Spencer and Mary Macleod have in common?  They are all members of The Forty, the group of the most marginal Conservative-held seats, with constituencies as diverse as Carlisle in the North West, Hastings and Rye … Continue reading

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What the Queen’s Speech means for modernisers

The next two years are going to be tough for modernisers. The Queen’s Speech was another clear sign that many of the palpable achievements that stem from detoxification are likely to be hushed up rather than championed on the doorstep. … Continue reading

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