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Trust consumers to build confidence in banking

In too many areas of British life, there has been a breakdown of trust. Banking is the biggest casualty. But the Banking Reform Bill, which received its third reading in the Commons this week, offers hope that trust can be … Continue reading

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Three important reasons the government shouldn’t impose a cap on payday loans

In (another) abrupt u-turn, it now seems likely that the government will accept the substance of the Labour peer Lord Mitchell’s amendment to the Financial Services Bill, which calls for a cap on the interest rates charged by payday loan … Continue reading

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Prioritising value over money: Greg Clark’s vision for banking

Yesterday’s FT profile of Greg Clark is worth a read. He gets that the current High Street banking structures not conducive to creating growth. Small businesses cannot grow unless their initiatives and endeavours are financed. As I wrote on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Symbolism essential when hunting banking baddies

News reaches us today that Barclays chairman Marcus Agius has resigned following his involvement in the Libor lending rate scandal. Welcome news? Certainly. Something that will restore confidence in British banking? Not likely. Since 2008 the public narrative around the … Continue reading

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We deserve a banking inquiry, we can benefit from a banking inquiry

  Ed Miliband talked about it. The Tax Payers Alliance support it. There needs to be a public inquiry into the relationship between the Financial industry and British society.   When the credit crunch happened those in power decided that … Continue reading

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