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The funhouse mirror: why the political class needs to look away

 I’m hardly the world foremost expert on political campaigning; in fact, I’ve only worked on two campaigns — the `Conservatives’ much-maligned 2010 effort and the No to AV campaign — and in both cases I sat with the wonks while … Continue reading

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Where do the Conservatives go from here?

The elections have happened, the referendum has taken place. Things have to move forward. Whilst there are lessons to be learned from the last few weeks, lingering too long on the past is a dangerous move in politics. As the … Continue reading

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What lessons can be taken from the AV campaigns?

On Friday, Mark Thompson wrote that, “The AV campaign was a disgrace from both sides”.  I tweeted that I thought he had drawn some wrong conclusions but that he made sensible points, and promised that I would expand in a … Continue reading

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The ‘Meat and Potatoes’ majority will always be much bigger than the ‘Progressive Majority’

The AV referendum has provided the most conclusive proof yet that those who use the term ‘Progressive* Majority’ should be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act.  68% of those who thought a referendum on electoral systems was an issue worth … Continue reading

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What happens next: politicians need to man up

Given that all polls are predicting anything from a wipeout to a carcrash for the Yes campaign, and the Lib Dems are still polling in the low teens (let’s be generous and give them a bit of slack…), my thoughts … Continue reading

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