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Making your voice valuable

For a variety of reasons, not much has moved me to write here in the last few months. Much of what I’ve started to think of to say I’ve found written already elsewhere, and often I haven’t been sufficiently committed … Continue reading

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What David Miranda’s detention might explain to us about civil liberties

I’m not going to comment on the rights and wrongs of the detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda, though I confess I instinctively think it is wrong that anyone in the UK can be detained for any period of … Continue reading

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The moral and national imperative for aid and development

I had been planning on having the summer off and not writing anything here till September, in the hope that the happy progress that was made in the early summer would continue and we would head into the conference season … Continue reading

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Trust consumers to build confidence in banking

In too many areas of British life, there has been a breakdown of trust. Banking is the biggest casualty. But the Banking Reform Bill, which received its third reading in the Commons this week, offers hope that trust can be … Continue reading

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Unite against the vested interests

Like Robert Halfon, Max Wind-Cowie, David Skelton – and many, many other Conservatives – I think unions are fundamentally a good thing. They can be very Conservative – they stand up for the little guy, they hold the powerful to … Continue reading

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