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Cameron’s Darwinian message – “You’ve never had it so competitive”

I have noticed something interesting. David Cameron has recently used three set-piece speeches to try to set the environment within which “choice 2015″ will be made.  The first part of the argument is to show that he understands that the … Continue reading

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The Urgent Need To Narrow the Economic and Political North-South Divide

There were some pretty startling figures in the media this weekend about how the North has taken a much bigger hit from the recession than the South.  This, of course, isn’t a new phenomenon.  The social and economic scars of … Continue reading

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Back to basics – finding the Party narrative

Work hard. Get what you deserve. National pride. Respect for the law. Belief in the family unit. Tough on crime. Personal responsibility for your local area. Community spirit. What party do these views align with most closely? Universal and inoffensive, … Continue reading

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The Conservatives Have Much To Learn From John Howard’s Appeal To Blue Collar Voters

“It’s not an exclusive definition, the battler is somebody who finds in life that they have to work hard for everything they get… normally you then look at it in terms of somebody who’s not earning a huge income but … Continue reading

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Can The Tories Win In The North?

Over recent decades, the Conservatives have failed to make any real breakthrough in the North.  Party strategists will be increasingly concerned given the electoral battleground is moving North at the same time as hostility to the Conservatives in large parts … Continue reading

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