Why the Big Society should feed into our economic future

In an ideal world, it wouldn’t take a crisis to change things and we would always be prepared and able to work things through slowly and deliberately. But – as Winston Churchill apparently said – never let a good crisis … Continue reading

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Why no party can afford to ignore the cost of living

Has the penny dropped? David Cameron told The Spectator this week a Conservative majority would ‘go further’ on getting more people out of poverty. His intervention was timely: figures this week showed over half of all people in poverty – … Continue reading

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3/4 of Conservative members would support a second Coalition, but at what price?

One the things that jumps out of “In It Together” – Matthew D’Ancona’s account of the first half of the Coalition – is how the Lib Dems always end up uniting, even in rebellion. While Conservative rebellions (House of Lords … Continue reading

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A quick guide to Conservative modernisation

 There seems to be some confusion around what Conservative modernisation is, so I thought I’d write a quick guide.    Since Nick Boles’ Bright Blue speech much as been written about the future of Conservatism.  Some of it excellent (such as this from … Continue reading

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Scottish independence to guarantee England-only Tory majorities? Pure jobby!

The idea that if Scotland plumps for independence in 2014, the remaining England-dominated UK would have Tory majorities forever, is factually dubious.  But even if it weren’t, it’s a shabby sort of reason to support the break-up of the UK. … Continue reading

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