3/4 of Conservative members would support a second Coalition, but at what price?

One the things that jumps out of “In It Together” – Matthew D’Ancona’s account of the first half of the Coalition – is how the Lib Dems always end up uniting, even in rebellion. While Conservative rebellions (House of Lords … Continue reading

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A quick guide to Conservative modernisation

 There seems to be some confusion around what Conservative modernisation is, so I thought I’d write a quick guide.    Since Nick Boles’ Bright Blue speech much as been written about the future of Conservatism.  Some of it excellent (such as this from … Continue reading

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Scottish independence to guarantee England-only Tory majorities? Pure jobby!

The idea that if Scotland plumps for independence in 2014, the remaining England-dominated UK would have Tory majorities forever, is factually dubious.  But even if it weren’t, it’s a shabby sort of reason to support the break-up of the UK. … Continue reading

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Nick Boles asks the right questions, but a National Liberal Party is not the right answer

It is good to see Government Ministers occasionally put aside the day job and focus on the bigger political picture. The criticism directed at Theresa May after she gave the key note speech at the Conservative Home Conference was unfair. … Continue reading

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Which school did you attend?

In my adult life I had never come across this question, until I started hanging around the capital’s political/media types. I had occasionally been asked which University I went to but no-body ever enquired about where I got my GCSEs. … Continue reading

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