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It would be wrong for East Coast trains to remain nationalised

Today a campaign was launched to keep East Coast trains in public ownership. They’re arguing it’s one of the most efficient operators in the UK. It’s true, but they’re wrong about the reason: it’s not because it’s owned by the … Continue reading

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If council tax goes up, will voters blame local or central government?

Next week, Council Tax Benefit (CTB) is being reformed. It means that more people will pay more tax – but it’s unclear who’s going to be blamed. At the moment, CTB is a single system administered from the DWP. From … Continue reading

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5 things the Tories need to do to win the moral high ground on welfare

Fraser Nelson’s column this morning looked at the Tories’ moral mission in Government, arguing Cameron should emphasise reforms that save lives, not just money. It’s a great article, but I think we need to temper it a bit – especially … Continue reading

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Even if it’s a joke, Kelvin MacKenzie’s idea for a southern party is worrying

I hope Kelvin MacKenzie’s call for a ‘Southern Party’ is a joke. If it’s not, and it’s at all indicative of wider centre-right thinking about the future of the UK, we should be nervous: because it’s deeply worrying, utterly wrong, and profoundly … Continue reading

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The ‘strivers and shirkers’ distinction is counterproductive

Both David Cameron and George Osborne used language of strivers and shirkers in their conference speeches. It’s been nagging me ever since – as I think it might end up being counterproductive. The rationale is clear: unite the broad group … Continue reading

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