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‘Fisking’ the anti equal marriage letter from ‘Conservative Grassroots’

Yesterday’s Telegraph letter from the chairman of an organisation called ‘Conservative Grassroots is so wrong, almost from beginning end that it deserves a ‘fisk’. It lacks the absurd ‘cultural Marxists under the bed’ conspiracy theories of the organisation’s most recent … Continue reading

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Why The Tories Shouldn’t ‘Lurch To The Right’

The Eastleigh by-election was one of the most right wing campaigns fought by the Conservatives in the past decade. The leaflets and literature of the Conservative candidate were covered in the same old messages that the Tory right have suggested … Continue reading

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The Boundary Changes Were A Crutch For The Tories. Now They HAVE To Broaden Their Appeal

The boundary changes are officially dead, being defeated by a pretty substantial House of Commons majority. With that, many commentators would have you believe, goes the chances of a Tory majority in 2015.  Tory supporters on Twitter and in the … Continue reading

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Like The Tories, The GOP Needs A Broader, More Inclusive Offer

Tuesday’s elections should prompt considerable soul searching in the Republican Party.  Despite expressions of confidence about unseating Obama, the President brushed Romney’s challenge aside easily and the GOP went backwards in the Senate. As the Washington Post put it, the … Continue reading

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In Defence Of Football

The Olympics were magnificent. They proved that, when we put our mind to it, we can put on the best show on the planet. As I predicted just before the Games started, all of the pessimists and negativists were proven … Continue reading

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