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Why Ed Miliband is NOT taking a big financial risk with One Member One Vote

On the face of it, by asking individual Union members to consent to giving their political levy to Labour, Ed Milliband is putting at risk the financial stability of his Party. Trade unions currently give the Labour Party £8.5millon per … Continue reading

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Politics is about involvement, not membership

The current debate in the Labour Party about one-member-one vote and the effectiveness of Arnie Graft has got me thinking about the problems us Conservatives face. Political parties who wish to form a government should aspire to have their membership … Continue reading

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Conservatives who moan about the EU are missing the point

If there was a referendum on our membership of the EU today I would vote to leave. But there is not a referendum today, nor is there one next week, nor will there be one next year. In fact, there … Continue reading

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3/4 of Conservative members would support a second Coalition, but at what price?

One the things that jumps out of “In It Together” – Matthew D’Ancona’s account of the first half of the Coalition – is how the Lib Dems always end up uniting, even in rebellion. While Conservative rebellions (House of Lords … Continue reading

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A quick guide to Conservative modernisation

 There seems to be some confusion around what Conservative modernisation is, so I thought I’d write a quick guide.    Since Nick Boles’ Bright Blue speech much as been written about the future of Conservatism.  Some of it excellent (such as this from … Continue reading

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