Nick’s Podcast #CPC13 – Wednesday – Modernisers become mainstream

Today is the last day of the Conservative Party Conference. It is also the last “Nick’s Fringe” podcast.

Conference this year has been good, and for this I would like to thank Ed Miliband. His partisan speech has focused delegate’s minds on what the electorate care about. There was little disharmony over the EU, little concern over how to deal with UKIP, and the debates around reducing the State were framed in the context of helping people best deal with the cost of living. I wonder that if in future we will look back at Milband’s speech as the moment that the right became united?

On today’s podcast:

Nick Boles MP talks about why this year’s Conference has been a very postive one.

Gabby Hinscliff (The Times) thinks that the Conservatives are not really appealing to a broad section of the population.

Lord Ashcroft wants Cameron to emphasise what is actually being done to help hardworking families.

Liz Truss MP explains what the Conservatives are doing to help hard working families.

Max Wind-Cowie says that it important that the speech motivates activists.

Campbell Robb (Shelter) wants Cameron to commit to building more houses.

Christian May (Institute of Directors) wants Cameron to commit to easing the tax burden.

Nick Herbert MP makes the case for ignoring any overtures from UKIP.

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