Nick’s Fringe Podcast #CPC13 – Monday Edition – The cost of living question

Today’s podcast looks at how the Conservatives can win the next election. Ed Miliband’s speech seems to have focused Conservative minds onto what needs to be done to win the next election. All big political parties are, to use a well worn phrase, broad churches. While the influence of a Party’s different parts tends to ebb and flow, the package of policy outcomes are normally acceptable to all. When they are not, political movements splinter, as we are seeing on the Right with UKIP. Ed Miliband’s speech has had effect of uniting the right. We now understand more clearly what we are against, thus we are closer to agreeing what we are for.

Paul Goodman (Conservative Home) – The Conservatives can win the next election if the public trust Cameron’s capabilities over Miliband’s, even taking into account the horrendous demographics.

Ruth Porter (Institute of Economic Affairs) – Miliband’s speech has galvanised the Right around the around the question of what to do about the rising cost of living.

Kate Maltby (Bright Blue) – The Conservative Party need to make sure that they focus on the common ground, and not worry about UKIP.

Carl Packman (Labour blogger) – The Conservative Party is at a crossroads, but it is still dominated by neo-liberals who are unsympathetic to workers.

Annesley Abercorn (EU candidate) – British manufacturing can be great again

Mario Creatura (Activist from Croydon) – The grassroots need to expand by doing things that actually engage people.

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